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Teaser & Promotional Graphics

Let us help you take your promotional efforts to the next level.  We can provide you with high quality teasers and promotional graphtics that can be used on your website or blog, on other blogs, and social media such as facebook, twitter.  What something specifcally target to your instagram or pinterest audience?  We can do that?  Need a graphic for a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram AD?  We can do that!

Have a book release, sale, or giveaway coming up and need a FB Page Header, FB Event Header, or Twitter Header?  We can do that!


These are for teasers or book promo images, and do not include branding images/logos.

Individual graphics: $7

Save with Packages

All images in a package must be ordered & delivered at the same time.  We can not “reserve” images to be ordered & delivered at a later date.  (For instance, getting 3 images now and waiting for an upcoming release to get the rest.)

  • 5 for $30
  • 10 for $50