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Logos/Branding Images

Here at Author Branding Essentials we understand the unique criteria it takes to build an author brand, versus another type of business.  Having a solid visual theme that is consistent through your website, social media, and even offline materials such as business cards and signs or banners you take to speaking engagements or book signings, is crucial to your “brand visibility”.  We specialize in the visual aspects of your brand as it pertains to your website and graphic design.

 Custom Logo/Branding Image design, delivered as  full size .png (with transparent background if appropriate) & jpg. Starts at $150

Need more than just your logo?

Author Brand Full  Platform Image Package– Carry your author brand across your digital platforms with:

  • Matching Wesbsite header (if appropriate, if not, a slider image),
  • Facebook, and Twitter headers,
  • a square image that can be used as profile image/avatar and/or branded sidebar button for advertising
  • $50 (with Logo Design) $75 Using your already made logo $75 Using your already made logo or no logo (Just text for your name/etc.)

Author Brand Sign/Banner Design: Custom author sign/banner design for a physical banner to match your author brand.  (This is an add-on for the Author Brand Digital Banner Package, or Website Design Packages )

  • $50 (with Logo Design) $75 Using your already made logo or no logo (Just text for your name/etc.)


Teaser & Promotional Graphics

Advertise your book, series, or upcoming sales.

$10 each, or $35 for 5, $60 for 10