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Personalized & Custom Author Essentials Planner

If you like the standard Author Essentials planner, but want it more personalized with cover text of your choice, a  choice of cover images, and your name personalized on the “this page belongs to” page.

Do you own a business, go to college, or work in addition to writing?  We can give you customized yearly, quarterly, or monthly, inserts to track your goals & progress.

All personalized and custom orders will be uploaded to LULU once complete. You will get a PRIVATE LINK for you to purchase your planner directly through LuLu.

All planners are 8 1/2 x 11 (notebook size). Have glossy paperback covers, coil binding, and are printed on premium paper. Standard & Personalized Planners are 308 pages.

At this time only PRINTED planners are available to be personalized or customized.  Printable Planners are the standard planners only.  Apologies.

Personalized Planners:

Include all of the sheets in the standard planner and you have your choice of cover images, cover text (or no next), and a customized “This Planner Belongs To” page.  $50 plus shipping

Custom Planners:

Includes all of the sheets in the standard planner, the customizations allowed in the Personalized Planners, PLUS up to two custom inserts.  $60

  • An insert is a customized sheet that can be inserted yearly (with quarterly re-assessment), monthly, or at the end of the planner (before the lined notes pages).
  • *Weekly inserts ARE possible, but it will add a minimum of 104 pages.  Planners over 400 pages will cost and additional $5.00.  A total of 470 pages MAX.
  • Additional custom inserts available for $5 per insert.
  • Note: Adding just one insert also adds a blank page, so it adds 2 pages to each place it is inserted.  Example: 1 monthly insert adds 24 pages to your planner.  2 monthly inserts adds the same (24).  One monthly insert and one yearly/quarterly insert would add 32 pages to  your planner.


Cover Image Options

White background will be placed behind cover text on patterned images.  Back cover is same image, with no text.

Personalized & Custom Planner Order Form

Personalized & Custom Planner Order Form

Please choose an image option from the options above.