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Author Specific Goal Trackers

The Author Essentials planner is designed by an author, with the input of authors, especially for authors.

Book Tracker

Track your progress on book projects from start to release and beyond.

Monthly Marketing Tracker

See what’s working and what needs to be changed by tracking your marketing, advertising, and social media stats with our monthly marketing tracker.

Weekly Appointments & Tasks

Keep track of everything a planner is supposed to keep track of with monthly calendars and weekly appointment & task tracking.

Pages to Track Everything You Need

The standard Author Essentials Planner comes with:  Inserts designed for: Yearly Goal Setting, Quarterly Goal Planning, UnDated Monthly Calendars, Monthly Goals & Stats, Income & Expense Tracking, Monthly Marketing Stats, Weekly Tasks & Appointments, Meal Planning,  Weekly Shopping Lists, and more.

Want to print it out yourself? Get the printable sheets with BONUS!

The standard Author Essentials Planner is available now as downloadable printables.  Each section is a single pdf, so print out only what you need.  When you order the printable you get TWO BONUSES:

–A daily appointment & task tracker not available in the printed version

The Writer’s Essential Word Count & Productivity Tracker Printable.


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Beautiful and Practical

The standard, undated Author Essential Planner comes in 6 lovely cover options.  The planner is coil bound, with a glossy paperback cover.  The interior is functional, with plenty of writing space, and printed on premium paper.  The planner is 8 1/2 x 11 (notebook size) to give you plenty of working & writing space.