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Author Branding Essentials is dedicated to offering comprehensive author centric branding and design services at competitive prices.


June Stevens Westerfield

11952987_1640673966217118_6535896007737217865_nI’m June Stevens Westerfield, and I am the founder of Author Branding Essentials, as well as the branding specialist, web designer, and graphic designer.

My strength lies in the fact that I am also an author, and have been in the publishing business in one way or another for over a decade.  I’ve helped launch several small publishing houses, worked in acquisitions, editing, cover art, web design, and assisted many authors in their self-publishing journeys.  My particular expertise is in design and branding.  I know the industry, yet it is constantly changing, so I am constantly learning new things.  Selling books today is different than it was ten years ago, and it will be different next week, and even more so next year.

I understand most authors don’t have time to sit down and learn webdesign or become branding experts. It’s hard enough to keep up with writing and marketing.  I also understand the financial restraints authors face.  I strive to offer quality services at rates that are reasonable and fair to us both.

On a personal note, in addition to being an author, I also design Greeting Cards.  I have a wonderful husband, a brilliant stepson, 6 fur-children, purple hair, and a chronically filthy house.  I also sometimes speak in the royal We.  It’s a thing I do.

Sherry Ficklin

new-author-pic-3-200x300Sherry is our marketing expert and does our marketing, social media, and new author coaching.  Her credentials include being a best selling author and acquisitions editor at a midlist publishing house.

Sherry Ficklin is an accomplished hybrid author and professional speaker. She has taught writing classes and publishing seminars as well as appeared as a guest speaker on various writing and genre related subjects such as roles of strong women in fiction and time travel for teens.